The website of the Polish Electric Power Industry Association collects and automatically creates website visits’ statistics.

Statistical data is used in order to improve our website and other services available on our domains. Tracking visit trends of individual users help us adjust the content to yet better meet the needs of our users. The information we collect is as follows:

  • IP address of the visitor’s computer
  • Canonical name for the IP address of the visitor’s computer
  • Operational system of the visitor’s computer
  • The screen resolution of the visitor’s computer
  • Type and version of the Internet browser
  • Date and hour of connection
  • URL addresses of visited websites
  • Names and types of visited websites and services
  • Number of visits and their duration

Applied mechanisms do not breach the rules of anonymity of the users visiting our websites. The Polish Electric Power Industry Association does not transfer any processed information to the third parties. The data is collected on servers and may only be used should a user choose to undertake illegal or unwanted actions.

Provided that there is a clear indication or an action recorded confirming that the law has been breached, the case will be reported to competent authorities in order for them to start criminal proceedings.

Supposed you do not agree with the aforementioned, please leave our website.

The Polish Electric Power Industry Association reserves the right to amend the privacy policy and the cookie policy in anyway suitable.